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Sit Posture at Work and How to Improve Them

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We usually spend 6 to 8 hours sitting in front of a computer screen and by the end of the day, we start suffering from neck pain and shoulder stiffness. It is just because your posture is not right. In order to ensure full support for your back and body, it is important to pay more attention to your sitting posture.

Studies reveal that the bad sitting posture cause trouble in the circulation of energy and it naturally decays productivity as well. It can increase depression and invite many other disease symptoms as well. That is why medical health experts advise to pay some attention to your sitting posture at work and make some efforts to improve it.

If you are also doing a sitting job, it is good to follow these tips to improve your posture:

  • Uncross your legs:

Most of the people feel that it is much comfortable to sit with crossed legged but research reveals that it is quite harmful. The very first tip for every office employee is that it is important to uncross your legs and maintain a stable contact of your feet on the ground at 90 degrees. In case if you don’t find it comfortable so long; you can sometimes try propping your feet with laptop stand and footrest.

  • Customize your Chair:

It is more important to use a customizable chair to avoid repetitive strain and muscle injuries. You must set up your chair height in such a manner that your forearms and wrists can stay straight during work hours. Make sure that your elbows can stay perfectly on the side of your body and the arms manage L shape at the elbow joint.

  • Line up your ears to shoulders:

Leaning backward or staying far forward is not good for your work rather you have to practice a straight posture. Prefer to keep your ears perfectly aligned with your shoulders and your back must be straight. Every time you go to sit on your desk, ensure you are using right posture to sit.

  • Keep screen at eye level:

It is much important to manage your screen and eyes at direct contact. The screen should not be too high or too low otherwise you may face stiffness in your neck. If you have to bend your neck to manage your work, you will face more strain. Also, the monitor must be located at least an arm’s length away from your eye level so that you can maintain proper contact with the screen.

  • Use standup desk:

The most efficient and trustworthy solution to get rid of all troubles is to use a standup desk at your workstation. These desks are designed to serve office employees with a most comfortable solution to manage their work without suffering dangerous health issues. Standing desks can help you to avoid the risks of obesity, weight gain, diabetes, and cancer as well.

In order to find customisable standing office desk for your premises, prefer to contact professionals at Vert Work.

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