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Stand Up Workstation and Why Are They Getting Popularity

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Medical health studies have proven that it is very dangerous for health to spend more time sitting on a desk. It can generate several health issues such as heart disease and diabetes while causing serious damage to the body. Also, people who keep on sitting all day long also start accumulating more fat in the body. Weight gain and obesity are one of the biggest trouble caused by sitting office jobs these days.

The best solution to such problems is to get a stand-up workstation. For most of you, this term may sound new. If so, prefer to go through the details below to collect essential insights about a stand-up workstation.

What is a standup workstation?

A stand-up workstation allows you to work comfortably in standing position. The great news for users is that these desks are designed with adjustable patterns so anyone can change them to the desired height. Moreover, some of these can also be alternated between sitting and standing position. Some professionals also call them highly adjustable desks or sit-stand workstations.

Although, this is a new concept in the market; many researchers have gone deeper to know advantages of using standup workstations over traditional sitting desks. Below we have highlighted some facts that are contributing to increasing popularity of standup workstations:

  • They eliminate the risk of obesity and weight gain:

As already mentioned, one of the biggest trouble with old sitting workstations is that they cause fat accumulation in the body. But this problem is well eliminated with standup workstations as they assist users to burn more calories even while working on the computer. Reports reveal that almost 1000 extra calories can be burnt by using standing workstations instead of the sitting desks.

  • They maintain blood sugar level:

A recent study on office employees shows that those who spend more time sitting in front of the computer are at greater risk of type diabetes because this posture does not support normal insulin production in the body. The latest standup workstations can help you to stay safe from such health issues. By maintaining blood sugar level, these workstations also lower down risks of heart diseases.

  • They reduce back pain:

Many office employees report back pain due to their long hour sitting job. This posture also causes stiffness in neck and shoulder area. In order to ensure improvement in your body health, it is good to make a shift towards standup workstations.

  • They boost productivity:

The biggest advantage of using standing workstations is that they do not hinder productivity. They make the person feel active all the time while improving his mood and energy levels. It is the simplest way to boost productivity in your office environment.

Moreover, the standup workstations reduce the chances of early death that is otherwise a major trouble with traditional sitting workstations. If you are serious about your health and want to improve metabolic, physical and mental health while improving productivity; it is good to sell out the old furniture and install standup workstations. Contact professionals at Vert Work to get best deals for new office installations. 

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