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Standing Desks VS Sitting Desks

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Studying at a sitting desk has been popular over ages as it is comfortable and settling for a person to work. But it has brought home a bunch of diseases. Sitting for long hours in a same position might not kill you directly but will prepare you for a pre mature death. To save people from these standing desks have been brought into the market. Confused? This article will give you an over view of the positives and negatives of both.

Here are certain positives about sitting desks!

  • The posture helps us to handle our work in comfortable and organized manner. We settle and concentrate on our work and can work for long hours.
  • If you take regular breaks and walk around a little, managing the blood circulation in the body, sitting tables are not at all bad.
  • If you can manage a correct ergonomically postured chair sitting can be much more comfortable.

But the cons are much more dangerous. Note a few done!

  • Lipoprotein Lipase, the fat burning enzyme starts to decrease up to 90% after an hour of continuous sitting.
  • It is usual for an individual to gain weight as the muscles have stopped burning the body fat as well as the heart rate is slower due to lower blood circulation. With the similar routine on, it will turn even more difficult to lose it.
  • Continuous sitting and working suggests a straining effect on the neck, spine and the shoulder leading to other problems like headache  and chronic pains of spinal disk compression

Standing desks are basically working desks where we are placed on higher stools or stand while working. It is not entirely a new concept but is not that popular enough.

Let’s take a look at the pros!

  • It is safer as you are not indulging into diseases like cancer, heart problems and diabetes. Furthermore it helps to reduce neck pain and upper back problems too!
  • It is hard to work for longer hours but three hours at a stretch at a standing desk ensures better circulation of blood that ensure addition of calories to keep our body healthy.
  • It reduces fatigue as more energy is gained from the increasing rate of heartbeats.
  • Standing and working will prevent you from lazing around and concentrate on the work at hand.

Okay, now before making the final leap take a look at the cons:

  • This sudden change of body posture will put more pressure on your feet and end up in swelling and knee joint pains.
  • Fashion of wearing high heels has to take their leave because that amount of standing will affect the feet. One has to wear comfortable flat slippers to keep the legs in a comfortable burden free condition. Try out anti fatigue mats for easier execution.
  • Comfort lies above everything. Hence if you are occupied in various discomforts, the productive output gets hampered.

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