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What Are Standing Desk And Why We Need Them

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Sitting too much and too long can kill you. For some of you, this sentence may sound dramatic but if you look at latest medical health reports, it is well proven. So, when it is already understood that your sitting office job is dangerous for your life, it is important to look for some alternative. The fact is that you need not change your job, changing your desk would be enough.

Although, medical health professionals advise office workers to keep moving at least in break hours but the most suitable solution to this problem is to install standing desks.

A standing desk allows you to do your job while standing instead of sitting on a chair. And the great news is that these desks can be customized as per the need of the particular user. Actually, when you have to stare at your computer all day long, so why not to do this task in a healthy way? It would be much beneficial for your life.

Some recent studies reveal that standing desks can help office employees to live a relaxing lifestyle. It is the easiest way to avoid unwanted weight gain and reducing back pain or shoulder stiffness.

Here are few reasons why every office employee needs a standing desk?

  • Reduce risk of obesity:

Most of the people who spend 6 to 8 hours sitting on their office chair are likely to gain more weight. It can make your fitness dreams faded out with time. If you want to get back your normal body shape and want to lose some calories as well as the unwanted fat; it is good to switch to a standing desk. They can help you to lose 1000 additional calories as compared to the sitting work arrangements.

  • Reduce risk of cancer:

Lack of physical activity invites symptoms of colon cancer and breast cancer. A recent study reveals that around 49000 breast cancer cases and 43000 colon cancer cases are reported annually just because of prolonged sitting. Other than this, it can also cause ovarian, lung, prostate and endometrial cancer. So, in order to save your health, it is good to move to the customizable standing desks.

  • To enjoy longer life:

Everyone wants to live a long life but very few people make real efforts to achieve this goal. As too much sitting is directly related to cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases so you are risking your life by using sitting desks. It is important to reduce your sitting time, it is good to start working while standing and the latest standing desks can assist you better do to this.

These standing desks may appear little difficult to adjust at the beginning but with time you will realise their amazing benefits. They can help you to maintain better posture so that chances of shoulder pain, neck pain, and eye strain can be reduced. They can help you to improve your core strength. In order to avail most trustworthy services for standing desk installation, contact professionals at Vert Work.

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