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10 Ways to Improve Your Health at Work

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1. Snack wisely.  If you are a snacker, snack wisely.  Avoid the candy dish at that coworkers desk.  Bring your own options and store them out of sight so you aren't tempted when you aren't really hungry.

2. Set a reminder to drink water.  A lot of us get so busy, we don't remember to drink water and then we think we are hungry when we are really just thirsty.  An easy to use app is "Water Drink Reminder". 8 to 10 glasses every day is good for most.

3. Get up and move.  Walk during your lunch break.  Walk during your meetings.  Stand up while working.

4. Don't skip lunch and choose lunch wisely.  Practice portion control at lunch.  It's easy to eat more than you need when you are socializing, so be aware of each bite.

5. Stretch your neck and use proper posture and spinal alignment when working. Cradling a phone on your shoulder all day, looking down at a laptop on the table, leaning forward to read your computer screen - these can all lead to back and neck pain.  Use a monitor or laptop converter to bring your computer up to the right height.  Get a headset for that phone.

6. Move your computer screen an arm length away.  This will help to prevent eyestrain and can prevent headaches.  Can't read it that far away, enlarge the font size on your screen.

7. Work Life Balance.  Use those vacation days.  Walk away from the computer at lunch.  You know you should be doing these things, but most people leave vacation days on the table.  Take your time, you earned it! We all need time to refresh and de-stress!

8. Break up large projects.  Working non-stop for large periods of times on big projects can lead to stress and burnout.  Break up the project into smaller projects so you can check each item off of your to-do list and know that you are getting things accomplished without so much pressure on yourself.

9. Disinfect your space.  Worst offenders of germs on your desk?  Check out your mouse, keyboard, and phone.  Ick.  While you are at it, disinfect the whole office.  Door knobs and light switches could use a wipe down too.  Especially when someone is sick in the office, germs and viruses can linger for hours to days!

10. Know your limits.  What can you actually accomplish in one day?  What is in your job description.  While it's called being a team player when you go out of your way to help others, remember what you are there for and that you can't continually do it all.  Be aware of when you need to step away from your desk and get some air.  Pay attention to your body!

(Image courtesy of Nick Youngson.)


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